I found myself revisiting Concentricity last year - I've been working on another design that uses similar principles and wanted to work through this one again to help get my mind in the right frame for the new design. The new design isn't finished yet, burnout kinda happened, but it's there, waiting, and in the meantime, I got a fresh new sample to photograph.



You'll have met Fran before in other photos. She has a larger sized head and much, much more hair than Silvia or Alyx, and so knitting samples to fit her means I'm knitting a different size in the pattern to the original. It also means that if I don't get the chance to photograph them on her, I'm a bit stuck, as they'll be too big for the others!



Fran and her partner Davide have been getting ready to go on their winter travels, and it got to the point where I thought time was running out and this one was going to be left on the shelf. Then by chance Fran asked me yesterday if we could do some photos, as she'd welcome a distraction from all their preparations. So an impromptu shoot it was.



We used an area of The Yard that we haven't tried before as a location. This patch was previously a storage area come dumping ground for someone off-site, someone who doesn't even live here or contribute in anyway, and a month or so ago everyone on site pitched in and cleared the area out to make way for something more natural and environmentally friendly. The stuff had to go and it took a lot of clearing up, but boy oh boy did it make a difference. It's our own little wooded area!



We were really pleased with these shots. We thought the Hat might get lost as the environment is close, tonally, yet it really stands forward and takes centre stage. It was lovely to get the chance to work with Fran one last time before they left.. several guests here have featured in photos, as well as folk who live here or even grew up here, and in some small way my photos document the lives of the people who pass through here, as well as the Hats themselves.

The webpages have been updated with the new photos, and the new PDF has been uploaded to Ravelry. I'll get the new version sent to my distributors and other outlets over the next couple of days. I hope you like the new version - it needed a bit of a freshen up and I reckon it looks better for it.


Fran and Davide left just over an hour ago, heading off for their winter travels. At the end of January they leave Italy and start their journey to Mauritania, where they'll spend a month or two helping to build a day centre for disabled kids. From there they hope to get to Mali, which is where they've spent the last few winters, but have been delayed this year as it's been too dangerous in that part of North Africa of late.

Last year a filmmaker joined them on their travels, and below is a trailer for the documentary he's recorded about Fran, Davide and the people they travel with, the trucks they live in, and the charity work they do when they get to North Africa. It's in English, Italian and French (as well as a smuttering of other languages) - do give it a watch if you can.


I wish them well on their travels, that they stay safe, and come back to see us all at some point in the future. They've been on site for at least 8 months and have come to feel like family; we'll miss them.

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