This young male cat strayed into my Mum's garden a few weeks ago, and has been sleeping in her wood shed ever since. She's tried finding his previous owners or where he may have come from but to no avail.

Unfortunately my Mum's not in a position to keep him, much as she'd love to. She believes he's possibly a year old, maybe younger, and perhaps has simply wandered too far from home and got lost. He's incredibly friendly, loves people and responds well to voice and contact, and isn't the least bit bothered about my Mum's two dogs.

She's been to the vets today to have him neutered, in the hope this will make him easier to rehome. The local rescue centres are all full, though the one in Roscaberry have offered to add his photo to the rehoming section of their website but that could take months. I'm posting here in the hope it might just help - you never know, right?

He's not been allowed into her cottage as she doesn't want him to get too settled, and he gets fed in the lobby when the weather's bad. Mum suspects he'd make a very good lap cat - he's affectionate, happy to be held and keen to be around humans. Considering his behaviour around dogs, he'll likely be fine with other animals too. He's a healthy and placid tabby tom cat who's in desperate need of a home.

Mum lives in the Roscaberry area in West Cork, Ireland.

If anyone thinks they may be able to rehome him please either comment with your email address or email me privately and I'll pass you on a phone number. Please though, serious offers only - I don't want to be giving out my Mum's phone number to everyone!

Let's see if we can give this little fella a decent start to 2013, eh?

AuthorWoolly Wormhead