For myself and Tom, Xmas is a chance to treat ourselves to a coveted item or two that we couldn't normally afford. We've both birthdays not too far into the new year too, so we club it all together as one present. Y'all know we live pretty frugally - my income has to stretch quite far to cover the bills, pay debts and put food on the table. And given the current situation on The Yard (more about that another time) we're trying to save as much as we can, too; whatever happens here it's going to cost.

Last Xmas I treated myself to a new lens for the camera and a new camera bag, which wasn't really a treat as they're both work things (that'll be a pamper fail, then). This year I was a little bit kinder, and given that some family offered up cash by way of a gift, the budget pushed a little higher.

These things were bought on Etsy and as they were coming from the US, and knowing that the Italian customs can be a bit... vigorous about US items, we had them sent to my Dad's then couriered over here. And today, finally, they arrived. It's been a long and impatient wait but I am so very, very happy with my presents.



I spent a long time deliberating over this pendant. I tweeted the link to the makers' piece on Etsy to get feedback, but I didn't really need it... or rather I was hoping some folks would talk me out of it. But no-one did. I then spent more time thinking about the size.. the original piece was about 1.75in in diameter, yet I like my pendants a little on the chunkier side. I convo'd the maker to ask about prices for larger sizes, and after thinking about it some more (which included drawing out the larger sizes and holding them against myself to, y'know, check) I went for it. 

I was very nervous but I shouldn't have been. 

I asked the maker to bring this piece up to a 2.25in diameter, and to also put a shorter chain on it (I like my pendants to sit high). The chain covers 16in to 18in, and really, a 17in to 19in would have been just as good as the shortest length is a little too high.

It's made from sterling silver and copper and is hand made with a real attention to detail. I'm pretty sure you can see the quality of this pendant from other there somewhere! Here's a link to her shop - Lisa's Pieces.



This next treat is something different all together!

Hand made from aluminium with a wool felt lining, this little zippy was bought as a travel jewellery case, primarily for the new necklace (and well, because I couldn't resist).



Again, I uhmmed and ahh'd about the choice of colours (I'm a fussy shopper) and when I convo'd the maker to see if there might be another on the horizon in the plain aluminium with a black lining, he told me he won't be making any more. And then I was even more determined to get one.

Eventually I settled on the red, which is a rather unusual colour choice for me, but in this size (medium/3in) there weren't so many colours left. And it was a good choice - the colour is deep and rich and just right.

It is incredibly well made. A few folks on Twitter said they'd got one and that they were indestructible. If you think you may like one I say go for it, 'cos once these kiddies have gone, that's it. Even I'm thinking about getting another just because.

You can find the shop here - Guy Incognito

And here's a quick shot taken on my phone earlier of the pendant in situ for the first time:



Oh yes, I'm a very happy bunny.

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