One of the things I'm aiming to do for Playful Woolly Toppers is to present each sample in the book in 2 different colourways, as well as 2 different sizes. Last week, I knit up the 2nd sample for Álfur:



I love the warm, earthy tones to this one, and it's the perfect companion for the original sample:



It's a rather dark and cold day here today and I photographed these inside my artificially lit and rather orange toned caravan - and despite this, the colours aren't totally off the mark!

There will a 2nd model for the book, alongside Aran, and we're hoping one of the little girls who appeared in Bambeanies will be available. The one I have in mind is smaller, headwise, than Aran so we should be able to get both Hats modelled together, which will be fab.

Of course, considering the trouble we had getting the models for Bambeanies in the first place, let alone getting them in a compliant mood, does mean that the paired photoshoots may not happen... but we will try. At least this time there's only 10 Hats to do instead of 20..

I've also got a preliminary cover sorted for Playful Woolly Toppers - have I shared it with you already?



This isn't final - I might make some changes to it - but it does mean that this book is getting properly underway - a cover makes it real. One thing I think isn't quite right is the subtitle, "10 Hats to inspire your inner child"... any suggestions on that? I like the cover photo, but yet again, a better one might present itself when the main photoshoots get going.


I'm working on a coupon system that will allow previous purchasers of both Álfur and Kabouter to be able to get a discount off the eBook to the value of the single pattern(s) they've already paid for (seeing as both of these will be in the book). It's something I've wanted to do for a while with the previous (e)books and their single patterns, but it's a bit trickier to do retroactively. Everyone tells me it's do-able via the Ravelry coupon system going forward, so do look out for an update notice for these patterns at some point in the future!

This all means that yup, the individual patterns will be published as singles in the lead up to the final release of the book. As 2 patterns are already out there, this seems kinda fitting. I'm aiming to launch the print book at TNNA this summer, and the final eBook will also be available around that time. Once the pre-release date is set, the single patterns will be available roughly every 3 weeks after that. And with the pre-release will come the 3rd pattern, which is only waiting for photography now...

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