I've been promising myself a new tattoo forever, and finally, it happened. 


If you're not familiar with the language of care symbols, it reads from left to right:

Hand wash only, Do not bleach, Dry flat, Do not iron

Kinda says it all, really.

It's hard to tell from this point of view whether the circles are perfect enough; I'll have to see how it heals as to whether it'll need touching up. They likely will do... I know circles can be difficult (and that I'm a perfectionist)

ETA/ downer now in full flow about the imperfect circles. On the upside, they should be easy-ish to fix with a touch up. On the downside, we're heading out of the country for the next month & I'm not sure whether to wait & return to the same tattooist, or find a new one altogether.... but hey, once the redness has gone down the excess ink removed, they might improve. The middle two are fine, it's the outer two that worry me.

What would you do?

PS/ there are many varieties of such symbols out there, and they are all covered by copyright law. A *lot* of time has been spent developing my own flavour of the symbols without infringing on those already in existance; I want ownership of my design/tattoo - it's the concept that I'm interested in after all, not the use of existing images. And it was no easy task! a) there are so many different existing symbols in circulation and b) they all pretty much look the same because it's a universal language and c) there are only so many ways to draw an iron or a triangle with a cross through it. 

AuthorWoolly Wormhead