Back in our former life, when we lived in a council flat in a tower block in London, I had quite a collection of succulents. My favourites were always the non-cacti succulents (for the uninitiated, all cacti are succulents but not all succulents are cacti) with a particular curiosity for the Euphorbia and Stapelia varieties (Euphorbias also come in non succulent varieties, just to confuse things further)

When we left London most of my plants went to either my Mum or Tom's Mum, only keeping a few special ones to keep us company on our travels. Those few sadly died, and bereft of my succulent company, and now with much more space, I started to replace the lost plants. 

The one I am happiest to have again is the Stapelia. They're an unusual stem succulent with an even more unusual flower. And yesterday, my new Stapelia Variegata flowered.



Isn't it beautiful?

My previous Stapelia only ever flowered once in the flat, though it's stems did grow to a good, trailing length. This one is still young, not even two years old, and when I spied the bud on this one earlier last week I couldn't wait to see it open. Flowers don't normally do it for me - I'm much more fascinated by the structure of the leaves on the plants, and succulents never fail on that score. Yet this one, this is a flower I am so very delighted to see.

AuthorWoolly Wormhead