This past weekend I took sunday afternoon off, and spent my time spinning up the yarn for my very own Camden Cap.



If you look closely, you may notice that it's not the best bit of spinning ever. It's awful, really. Full of lumps and inconsistencies and it's pretty obvious that I'm out of practice, and perhaps also feeling a little stressed about actually finishing it. Yet when plied, it looks much better. Far from perfect, but certainly knittable. The overall tonal effect, the mixing of the various colours and fibres, is exactly what I was aiming for, which pleases me muchly.


I've been trying to remind myself that this project is not about being perfect. I'm wanting to let go of the perfectionsim I apply to my normal fibery work, as this Hat will be for me and no-one else. But it's hard to not notice the faults.

If I'm honest, I haven't enjoyed spinning this as much as I think I should. It's no fault of the batt, which was lovely to work with, but, I think, down to the fact that the pressure is on. And I realised why I felt like that. Because as much as I'm saying this is about the spinning and a chance to relax some, it's really about making myself a Hat. A great Hat that will fit me and that I'll wear. It's become about the product, not the process, and that's where the stress is coming from; I'm totally not a product person.

Funny what a change in perspective can do, huh?

All that said, I do love the colours of the yarn, and it will knit up not too far from gauge, and it will make me a loverly Camden Cap. It's all ready to cast on and I hope to get it on the needles in the next few days. My plan is take some photos of the how the Brim is constructed for a blog post, as one or two members of the KAL have been a little unsure, and I'd like to offer some help.


In other news: some visitors may have noticed that this website has been a bit wonky this week. A transfer for my main domain was all set yet for some reason, it kicked in a day early, and I was unprepared for that. It didn't take long to straighten out, and the internets should all be caught up now (it can take 24hrs+ for things to filter through).

Of course when a domain is transferred, so is the domain email, and that only got straightened out yesterday. Now that that's done I've been tackling my inbox, but there's still a fair few waiting for replies. I apologise for any problems or delays encountered, and hope to have gotten back to everyone before the coming weekend.

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