Slowly but surely, I'm settling into my new working space.


It's bright and airy and comfortable and has plenty of room. It has a lock on the door and curtains at the windows for a bit of privacy. The gas heater works and will keep the place warm in winter. If needs be, I could even eat and sleep in here.


All of the important things are already in, including the fan, the monitor and tea making facilities.


My working stash is in. To save on space and to keep things clean and fresh, most of my stash is stored in resealable compression bags, the variety that don't need a vacuum cleaner.


The more immediate stash, the yarns that will be used next, are draped across the top of the shelf for inspiration. It's lovely to be able to spread out a little; a real luxury.


It's a comfortable working space. There are two tables; one smaller and one longer (shown) and they attach through a slider bracket, which allows me to move the table backwards or forwards to suit my needs. When I've more of a marathon knitting session to complete, I can swap over to the small table and stretch out to watch a film.


Already, new designs are starting to develop as my design mojo slowly returns.


It's wonderful to have my own space. The office upstairs in the double decker worked well, except the bus is open plan, and the office is right next to Aran's bedroom... and when he's in his room, I can't work. And the little guy needs his privacy, too.

I always seem to underestimate the need for space. I don't need a lot, just somewhere that can be relied upon. This caravan isn't totally mine, it'll be the family trailer when we set off on our travels again, which is why only my essentials are moving in; the things that I have to take with me when we travel, so I won't need to unpack. I don't seem to be very good at compromising on space, or at least I'm not now when there's a depressive cycle in full swing. This little ol' trailer, and the freedom it will provide, will be very much appreciated.

AuthorWoolly Wormhead