We've just returned from a trip to Ireland where we visited my Mum. Some of you may remember that I last visited earlier in the year, after she broke her leg severely, and it was great to see her looking so well this time around. 6 months on, from a clean break to her femur and a fracture to her hip, she's as active as she's ever been. The crutches went just after 4 months and now she's back to driving, sawing wood for the stove and climbing banks to collect wild fruit. That's a pretty good recovery, huh?

We didn't take a whole bunch of photos while we were there; here's a random selection from those we did take, mostly from Mizen Head and the Clonakilty Model Railway Village. It did rain while we were there - a lot - yet we still got out and about, and I even got to hook up and spend quality time with fibery friends.









This time of year always sees us preparing for the forthcoming woolly Hat season, and behind the scenes there are plans coming together for a blog tour for Classic Woolly Toppers, and the seasonal monthly KALs will be starting up again in the Ravelry group. More details to follow!

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