Having sold Barp we're still looking for a new caravan, which is making it, well, tricky, to get any work done. It's all a bit difficult, though we have at least got a new car now (that it looks like it has to go back to the garage. Booo. At least it's under warranty).

Needless to say the black dog has had me pinned in the corner on more than one occasion lately and the panic attacks are occurring almost daily, but we're hanging in there. Daydreams of how we'll fit out the new caravan are helping to keep my head above water.

This morning saw the arrival of some lovelies in the post, and it's always the little things that cheer you up, isn't it?



A while back I asked Nic of NicsKnots whether she'd be able to make me a few project bags from some of my favourite fabrics. These bags are her 'Miya' design and I really do like the style for ease of use. Further more, I can prettily hang them all up and organise my design projects. They're the perfect size for Hats or other small projects and the way the handle loops through for closure and holding makes it a clever little design.

I made myself a DPN roll years ago from the cat fabric you can see in the top bag, and all the other fabrics are remnants I've had in my fabric stash for years. Infact most of my fabric stash is cotton remnants.... come to think of it, my yarn stash consists solely of 100g skeins or oddments in natural fibres.. must be something about small quantities of things that pleases me. (not cotton for yarn, though. Cotton for fabric, wool for yarn, if you don't mind)



The 2nd parcel was a bit of a surprise, and a soft and yummy one at that!

Baa Ram Ewe are well known for their support of the British wool industry, in particular their range of local yarns. So it shouldn't come as a surprise that they've launched their own brand of yarn - Titus. I'll apologise now for the not so great photo, taken with my mobile, and will assure you that it's natural colouring is far more lovely than it appears on the screen. It's also very soft, and coming in at a 4ply gauge, has plenty of yardage to boot. My design mojo has been absent of late, and sitting here fondling yarn is helping it to slowly return. I've a few ideas starting to sprout for this one, and I'll keep you posted on how that idea develops.

My inbox has got the better of me, and I'm very sorry if you're waiting for a reply - I'm slowly getting on top of things again although I suspect things won't get back to normal until we're fully wheeled-up.

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