Our much loved bus, Barp, the first bus we bought together and converted for living and travelling, went to her new owners yesterday.

Her new owners are a warm, friendly couple who appreciate her uniqueness and the work that went into building her. She'll be lived in full time, which is what she was built for, and we've no doubts she'll be well looked after for many years to come.

We're all transitioning here, feeling a little strange without Barp and a set of wheels with which to escape. Yet at the same time we're looking forward to the car and caravan we'll be buying with the proceeds, with which we'll start the next chapter. We've had Barp longer than we've had Aran; Aran has never known live without her yet he's coping very well with the change. Barp was perfect when Aran was a wee thing, with his built in bed/cot, but now that he's growing up, he needs more space and a full sized bed.

Car and caravan hunting has commenced, and with any luck, we'll have new wheels before we know it.

AuthorWoolly Wormhead
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