The Yarn Thing Designers Dinner has become a bit of an annual event at TNNA, and each year the amount of swag kindly provided by the sponsors expands! And like last year, the swag will be shared: we live in a double decker bus, we don't have space to keep everything. Heck, I barely fit all this in my suitcases! So, my dear friends, it all wants to go to a good home. And we'll have a bit of fun while we're at it.

So, let's have a closer look at what's up for grabs:

swag part 1:

there is yarn. Hat quantities of yarn! 2x50g of Patons Classic Wool DK (100% Wool), and 2 x 100g skeins of SimpliWorsted from Hikoo (55% Merino/28% Acrylic/17% Nylon) - one skein a happy yellow, the other a rich mid brown. All are incredibly soft and will make perfect Hats. If you're not sure what to make, there are pages listed for DK and worsted weight patterns, or of course, you could knit something that wasn't a Hat...if that were possible...

Along with those yarns there's a fab pattern book, Knitters at Home, published by XRX, which is a collection of patterns from The Knitters magazine. There are blankets and cushions and throws galore, and even if it's not your thang, it's a pretty decent gift, don't you think?


swag part 2:

this is the notions part of the swag, and there's a plenty of it. On the needle/hook front we have a 5mm/16in Susan Bates Velocity circular, a 5mm Crochet Dude hook from Boye, a 3.75mm/32in Knitters Pride Cubics circular (nice!) and a pair of Indian Lake Artisans straights in 4mm/14in length, which are a bit special.

Then we have a Namaste Skinny Mini in black, a Susan Bates needle gauge, a selection of JHB buttons (including a fantastic giant metal one!) a couple of tape measures from Namaste and the Knitters Tool Tin (I kept the Craftsy ones, dudes. They say you can never have too many tape measures but 4 extras was too many for me!) And finally a few extras, including pens, gauge checkers etc.

swag part 3:

to sweeten the deal, I'll also be throwing in signed copies of Bambeanies and the new edition of Twisted Woolly Toppers! (indeed, TWT has had a wee makeover, more about that later)

Pretty good swag, wouldn't you say?

So here's the deal. It's a game. We wanna get a bit silly.


See that badge there in the photo above? They were given to us courtesy of Indigo Dragonfly, an indie dyer who had a very clever idea of naming colourways after quotes.

"you got peanut butter on my trout"

Now, I know where this quote comes from. If you can tell me then you get extra brownie points but it won't win you the swag (though the first person to name the TV show may get a free pattern..). What I want to hear is your story based on this quote. It's so obscure and that's what I love about it, and I want you to get a little kooky and have fun. (but you don't get the badge; that's mine)

To sum it up - make up your own short story, it only need be a paragraph, that includes this quote somehow. Or tells the story behind it (what was she/he doing with the peanut butter to get it on the trout?)

You don't have to write it now, you can go away and think about it. But do come back and tell me before 26th July, K?

Please leave your entries as comments below, not on Facebook or Twitter or Ravelry - and don't forget to leave your email address in the relevant field so I can get in touch when you win.

Good luck, and let that imagination lose!

ETA/ This give-away has now closed - thank you for your interest!

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