Oh yes indeedy, this book can now be yours!

There are a couple of purchasing options for Classic Woolly Toppers...

Firstly, there's the PDF option, which is always the most popular with my regular customers. The PDF can be downloaded to any mobile device and while I know it isn't specific viewer optimised, it is the best option for all round viewing, allowing you to transfer it between devices and still have the same PDF functionality.

The PDF edition will set you back a mere £9, which is pretty good value considering it's packed with 10 patterns AND a detailed tutorials section conatining all of the specialist techniques required to knit.

A few customers have previously enquired about the possibility of a joint PDF+print option, which up until now wasn't a very viable option. I've been able to arrange a special purchase set-up through Ravelry, where you can buy both options together with a serious saving! The joint purchase will cost you £16.50 - the PDF can be downloaded immediately, and the print edition will be shipped on or before 25th July. The books will be shipped from the US for this deal, so those outside of the US will incur international shipping, but even with that, there's a decent saving to be had on the cost on the combined costs of the PDF and print editions.

The print edition will be available within the next week through Amazon but is available through my CreateSpace store. If you're after the book only edition through Amazon then I need to ask you to be patient for a little longer as the details are all processed.

Previously, my books were only readily available on Amazon.com, but now, thanks to improvements with my printer (CreateSpace) and their distribution, all of my books are now available through the main non-US and European Amazon's, which will save a lot in shipping times and costs.

And....! My US pattern distributor, Deep South Fibers, is now carrying all of my books, and I'm just about to get their first order ready which will include Classic Woolly Toppers! This book received a great reception at TNNA, and I hope that your local LYS will already be stocking it. If they're not, send them to DSF, as all US physical orders will be going through them from now on.

It's pretty exciting stuff, eh? 

All of the patterns in the collection are available individually as well, so those only wanting one pattern won't have to buy the whole book. That said, for the cost of 3 single patterns you've got the whole book, with the tutorials included, so if there's a few you like the complete book offers you better value.

Have at it, folks! I'm so pleased to have reached this stage; this year has really but some hurdles in the way of achieving anything, but we got there. And I'm super chuffed with how it all turned out.


Classic Woolly Toppers carries a dedication to Lynn Parks, who was a valued member of the WW test knitting team. She very sadly lost her battle with Crohns whilst I was away at TNNA, and a dedication seemed the most fitting thing to do. Lynn didn't test knit any of the patterns in this collection, as her health had been troubling her for some time, but you will know her name from my previous books, and on Ravelry, where she was known as 'lnupermom'. I'd love it, and I'm sure she would too, if you could spare her a thought whilst knitting one of these Hats. Test knitting, as well as tech editing, is such a valuable part of the process, and we're all very sad to have lost someone so forthcoming with her help and knowledge.

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