Finally, I can share this with you:



Choosing the cover shot was hard. Ridiculously so. There were several photos that were all up to the task, photos that I'm pretty damned chuffed with, yet none were better suited than this. The image sums up the caption perfectly, and this Hat is clearly the one that everyone wants to knit. Infact, I don't think I've ever had a cover fall into place so quickly.

So there we have it - the cover for Classic Woolly Toppers! And furthermore, I worked hard this week getting behind the scenes stuff done, which includes the book's webpage - it's coming together pretty quickly!

And now to reveal the competition winners - thank you all for your suggestions for the unnamed Hats. All of the Hats are now with name, and I thought I'd talk you through them and reveal the winners of the wee competition.



Many of the suggestions for this Hat appealed, yet when I dug a little further, all of the names that I'd liked to have used had already been nabbed for some other design (I like to check a name on the Ravelry pattern database for uniqueness) and so with this one, I followed a little path.

DaisyF left a comment suggesting 'Tunisia' for this Hat, and from there, I found 'Taboosh'. Taboosh is the Arabic word for a Fez Hat, which is, I believe, what they would call this style of Hat in Tunisia.

And so 'Taboosh' it is, and DaisyF, there'll be a gifted copy of CWT coming your way when the pre-orders go live! Congrats and thank you :)



This one has a very distinctive feel, and proved tricky to name because of that - it needs something that packs the same kind of punch.

Anne1962 suggested 'Karenina' for this Hat, which is a name I love, yet it's so widely used as a pattern name that this would get lost if folks on Rav tried to magic link or refer to it in some other way. Yet drop the 'A' off the end (which still makes it perfectly valid in the literature sense, or at least it does according to Penquin Books) and you are left with a unique name for a Hat! 'Karenin' it is.

Thank you Anne1962, a gifted copy will also be making it's way to you in the coming weeks!



Even at this point, with so many fantastic suggestions, this one remained the hardest to name! I loved so many of the comments left for this one, yet finding something unique that suited this Hat just so proved more challenging than I expected. 

Gis left a comment suggesting 'Fissure'. I liked this name; it was different and made good reference to the Brim construction but wasn't sure if it clicked with the Hat... so I followed that path that Gis had set me on, and the right name presented itself - 'Ravine'. Fissure and Ravine have similar meanings, and both were appropriate for this Hat, given the construction. Ravines are generally found amongst greenery (which fits so well with the Lichen/Moss Stitch aspect of the Hat)

Thank you Gis for your suggestion, and for getting me thinking on a different tangent! And a gifted download link will also be heading your way within the next few weeks.

Thank you again for all of your interesting suggestions! 

And now, it's back to work for me. This weekend we've been building my TNNA display (I'm exhibiting there this year, and have whole 10ft x 10ft booth to myself! And all of my display will be coming across the pond in 2 x 23kg suitcases!) and with that mostly done, it's time to plough on and finish the book. I love this stage of a project, where the end is finally in sight!

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