.... I really didn't mean to leave it so long between posts and can't believe it's been 2 weeks already!

In the last few weeks Classic Woolly Toppers has gone to the tech and copy editors as a final draft, and print review copies have been ordered for TNNA! (oh yes, I got myself into gear and got this kiddy done in time) We've also been madly preparing for TNNA where I'll have my own booth for the very first time. Indeed, I've jumped in at the deep end and will be exhibiting with my US distributor, Deep South Fibers. Which is more than a bit scary.

I'm literally about to head out the door to Heathrow, where Ruth (of Rock & Purl), Ann (of Ann Kingstone Designs) and I will be sharing the long haul flight to the US. I'll be taking lots of photos of my display and hope to blog while I'm there but forgive me if it doesn't happen until I get back!

Until then... happy Hatting!

AuthorWoolly Wormhead