This time 5 years ago I'd finished all of the Hats for Going Straight and we were planning the 2nd photoshoot. 



GS was my first book, and looking back at it now, it was a pretty mammoth project for a first book.

I fall in and out of love with each of my books - for the most part I find it impossible to revisit old work and when I do, all I ever see are the faults. GS is on it's 3rd edition, and I can still see areas I'd like to improve, but I'm still proud of it.

24 Hats, all designed and knitted sideways, took some experimenting and time. I loved being totally absorbed by it and do sometimes miss having the headspace to get that engrossed (I fell pregnant during the summer when I was working on this one, which in turn put the publication date back 3mths)

My favourite aspect of the book is probably the layout. I like a clean and minimal layout, me, and really can't be doing with anything fussy. I guess that comes from my teaching experience - in the Art department one of my responsibilities was to liaise with the SEN department and there learnt the value of good contrast and lots of white space. Crisp, clean lines with lots of room to view them make the absorption of information so much easier for everyone, not just the folks who need a little extra help.

If I could go back and change anything, I'd maybe reknit some of the samples in better yarns (all barr a handful of patterns where I sought support, the whole of that book was worked from stash, on a tight budget) I'd also like to improve some of the colours in the photos, which would involve going back to scratch, as I was pretty inexperienced at colour balancing then. Otherwise, the 3rd edition is looking pretty good to these critical eyes.

Ironically, or maybe not, Going Straight is my worst selling book. And it's also my most pirated. I guess it didn't have the best start in life, being published through Lulu (self publishing offered less options back then, unless you could afford to fork out a chunk of money, which I couldn't)  and I think it missed out a little. It was the book that interested Arbour House Publishing and that got us working together, and bought about a change in direction and new friendships.

My favourite Hat from the book is still Strudel, and this photo of Corrie is as gorgeous as it ever was. Ann @ PixelDiva did such an amazing job with the photos; infact the whole team were amazing. It really was a special project.



This week I've started to think about the layout for Classic Woolly Toppers, and it'll be kept to the same theme as Twisted Woolly Toppers, another layout I'm pretty chuffed with. It'll keep the Woolly Toppers collections cohesive, too. The last few photoshoots for CWT have been booked, the last couple of Hats will be going off to test knitters then tech editors this week, and I hope to have the pre-orders up for the end of June. Not bad huh, considering how much this year has thrown in the way! 

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