Tuesday evening saw me arrive back to my boys, and I couldn't have been happier to back. The two weeks away felt like a month or more. 

Aran has chicken pox and I've a rotten head cold, so we've been laying low for a bit. For once I am *actually* resting!


Tom's been a star - as well as looking after both of us he's been up to his usual tricks of making stuff - this week it's been Elderflower Champagne and a new porch for his shed. Mushroom soup is on the list for today, as I'm still not managing solid or bulky food well (and Tom's mushroom soup is *delicious*)


The weather is lovely and the sunshine most welcome. We've gotta keep the wee dude out of the sun as much as we can, to reduce scarring, which is easier said than done.


Tuesday was Workers Day, and the annual festival was held on The Yard. I missed most of it; didn't arrive back until about 10.30pm, but as soon as the boy was asleep I went out for a wander. Not to party, as the party was definitely in full swing by then, but just to see everyone! Having missed most of the day and all the fire displays and more, it was nice to at least make it along for a wee while.


I was pretty good and got bang up to date with work before my surgery, and although it never really stops, it's totally manageable while I recover. The last few designs are on the needles for Classic Woolly Toppers, and we'll be sorting out the next and last photo shoot in the next couple of weeks. There will be new illustrations for the techniques section, and at this point I can safely say that not a single pattern in this book involves kitchener. Not one.

In other news, I'm closing down my personal Facebook page, and added a note for knitterly folks to hop over to the main artist/business page as that's where all the blog posts, events etc will be posted. Personally, I don't like Facebook, have never been keen on it, and now I've had enough - there aren't enough hours in the day and I don't use it; everything gets posted automatically from somewhere else. Facebook keep changing the back end settings and every few months I have to go back in and reset my settings back to 'private' and that's really starting to piss me off. That, and the fact that everytime time I block an app I get more messgaes through it... it's just too spammy for my liking. I know folks like it though, so I'm keeping the business page where blog posts will be posted and folk can share photos and more. 

And onwards... there are some illustrations to go over in my inbox and some test knitting feedback, and then it's back to my knitting. Enjoy the weekend!

AuthorWoolly Wormhead