Not only have I been working away like a madwoman on Classic Woolly Toppers, I've also found time to get two new patterns published. Have no idea quite how I've managed it, but here they are nonetheless!



Buzzba is a grown up version of Buzzbee from Wee Woolly Toppers. Since I published the first grown up WWT pattern, loads of requests have come on for others, and Buzzbee was without a doubt the most popular request. This sample has been knitted up for *ages* yet has sat waiting for me to find the time to not only rewrite the pattern, but also get it modelled.



The plan originally was to photograph it on Aran, but in his wonderful 4yo manner, he refused to wear purple and it went back on the to-do list. Then, as we started the CWT photoshoots, I took the chance to snap this one on Silvia (Aran & Silvia have the same size head) and Silvia rocked it.

The grown up version is essentially the same Hat, unlike the other grown up versions of WWT designs where more noticeable details have changed; this time the difference is the huge range of sizes. This single edition includes sizes ranging from preemie (12in) to adult (22in). If you have the original version in the book and are confident at upgrading a pattern for larger sizes then you'll likely not need this version; this one is for those who don't have the book or would like someone else to have done the grading work for them!

The next new release is Ledger.



This is another sample that's been finished for at least 6mths and has been awaiting those elusive photos. Like Buzzba, it's sized for the whole family, and I made a grown up sized sample, too.



Ledger was originally intended for Classic Woolly Toppers, but as the collection grew and the designs evolved, it was clear that CWT was primarily women's Hats, and this one didn't fit with the others anymore and was destined for a solo publication.

The pattern is a simple but effective one. It utilises the 2x2 AC cast-on that I developed, and from it's 2x2 Brim, it steps down into a 1x1 Body. The Crown shaping works with the rib pattern, creating a fully reversible Hat. The combination of ribs gives this classic beanie a different look.



Ledger is sized from 6mths (16in) through to large adult/male (24in) and is worked in a worsted weight yarn. The sample that Tom is wearing was knit with KnitPicks Gloss DK, which I found to give a perfect worsted gauge. Aran's sample is knit with Heaven's Hands Wool Classic, utilising leftovers from the Aurora pattern. Any standard worsted gauge will work, and the smaller sizes are perfect for leftovers.

That's all from me today, hope you like them! I'm almost ready to reveal the Classic Woolly Toppers cover, which is pretty exciting. And quite a few of the CWT patterns are ready to be published individually, which also means I can get the pre-order up pretty soon... yey!

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