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Now that we've had all of the photoshoots and the mammoth task of photo editing and collating can be begin, I can finally reveal to you the last of the CWT Hats. There are also a couple of unnamed Hats, and I figured, that as pre-orders are a only a month away, if that, why not open the naming game out? Folks here have helped out brilliantly before when the right name has eluded me!

The first of the last Hats to be revealed isn't a stranger.

This is Bobba Hat, modelled by the lovely Charlie. I haven't updated the main pattern page photos yet, or the pattern itself with these new shots, but it will be done in the next couple of days. Photos that made me happy eluded me for some time with this, yet we got there this last week. I also have some of Roberta to share which I think are up to scratch - one of my missions with the photoshoots is to capture each Hat on at least 2 different models, to demonstrate how different styles suit different faces.

Now, before anyone is concerned that a pattern they've previously purchased will be appearing in a new book, everyone who's bought the PDF will receive a coupon to the value of the price of the pattern that they can use towards the cost of CWT. Does that seem fair enough? This all applies to the digital versions only, as Bobba Hat hasn't made it into print distribution yet as it really needed better photos, and at the moment it isn't possible to use the coupon with the print version of the book (but I'm working on it)

These next 2 Hats also proved particularly tricky on the photography front. Mostly because they're red, and unusual styles that took some working with to get right.


I love, love, love the structure of this Hat but I don't expect everyone to agree with me. It's striking and elegant and really not so difficult to knit, and it's a style that won't suit everyone. We tried it on 3 of the 4 models and really, it only suited 2 of them.

It is a pillbox come fez kinda shape, which is unusual in a knitting pattern that isn't felted. Felting (or to be technically correct, fulling) would give this Hat a good firm structure, and instead of that, it's knit at a tighter than average gauge. It has a deep doubled brim which helps support the Hat at the base, and it gently tapers towards a flat crown. This sample was knit in KnitPicks Gloss DK.

This is the first Hat in need of a name! Any suggestions?



The next difficult-to-photograph Hat  is this one, and it begged to be modelled by Silvia - this Hat takes a particular style and attitude to carry it off well.

It's a trapper style Hat, and instead of regular earflaps, it has a panel shaped with short rows that hug the neck and frame the face. You could say it has 'angles' instead of flaps! This sample is knit in The Natural Dye Studios' Dazzle Aran - a stable and soft hand dyed yarn.

This is the second Hat in need of a name! Any suggestions?


The final Hat in need of some help is one of the first revealed a month or so go. This asymmetrical cloche can be worn in a number of ways, to suit different hairstyles and face shapes and moods, and is surprisingly versatile. Knit in DK with it's main panel shaped by short rows (I did mention that a few patterns use short rows in CWT, yes?) this one has been a  challenge to my test knitters and tech editors alike... short rows and moss stitch are a surprisingly tricky combination. The kinks are now ironed out, and this will be one of the first published as a single pattern.

This is the third and final Hat in need of a name! Any suggestions?


And here's the deal: make a suggestion for Hat names in the comments (not on Ravelry or Facebook or Twitter please :) and if I use your suggestion, you will be gifted a digital copy of Classic Woolly Toppers as soon as the pre-order goes on sale.

If you're unsure of the type of name I'm looking for, have a look through the other posts featuring the CWT Hats (which can be found by clicking the CWT category tag at the end of this post) and you can see that, on the whole, their name has been influenced by their construction. That isn't always the case, but as structure features heavily in this book, names along those lines would be welcomed. That said, if you have a suggestion that feels just so, I'd love to hear it!

I'll leave this competition open for the next week and review the suggestions in a weeks time. Don't forget, please leave your suggestions here, on this blog post, so I can keep track of everything. Oh, and please leave your email address in the relevant field (no-one will see it except me, I promise) so I can have some way of getting in touch!

Good luck!

ps/ thought you'd like to know that I got my biopsy results today, and I've been given the all clear :D After an intensive year of tests, that included them looking for the Big C in my bowel, uterus and ovaries, my head can finally let go of that particular worry.

pps/ you might want to check out the CWT gallery in the Portfolio section, as one photo of each Hat has already been uploaded, and the various different photos of the Hats on different models will be added over the coming weeks.

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