Classic Woolly Toppers is coming along! All of the samples are ready, photoshoots are underway and I've a pile of tech edits to check over as we work our way through the first round of tech editing. It'll be ready before we know it; I'll certainly have all the samples and promo stuff ready for TNNA!

Roberta is a singer/actress/performer; I'd asked before if she'd model for me but wasn't too sure when she'd be back to the Yard. We learnt on wednesday that she was here, and yesterday afternoon we popped out for a quick photoshoot - it had been raining all morning (in Italy in May!) and was very cloudy, providing the perfect weather for an afternoon shoot.

Here are a few quick shots - there's a mountain of photos waiting for editing, and these are fresh off the camera.

This Hat is 'Alternato', and is one of the simpler Hats in the book. It's gentle style is both comfy and flattering and it's knit in Sparkleduck's 'Genie' sports/DK. Liz @ Knitting On The Green gifted me this skein of yarn with instructions to make something for myself, yet these colours begged to be part of the book, it works so well with the rest of the Hats. (so that'll be a 'make something for yourself' fail then - sorry Liz!)


Introducing the 'Camden Cap' knit in Malabrigo's Rios superwash worsted. Who doesn't like a peaked cap like this? And it even has a little knitted button at the crown for detail. The Hat is knitted all in one, and unlike many knitted Hats of this type, the Brim isn't worked as an add on - it's knitted first and is an integral part of the Hat.


This textured beanie is 'Sumner', knit in Babylongleg's Semi~Precious 4ply. Those rings are created by knitted tucks, and with it's deep doubled brim it's no quick knit, but it's oh so worth the extra effort. I think I want to rephotograph this one; the background isn't really working, and grey can be such an awkward colour to photograph just right. Thankfully the luscious silk in the Semi~Precious gives it just the right amount of lustre.


And this is 'Annular', a deep slouchy beret knitted with Alisha Goes Around's Bevy of Swans DK. This is one Hat that really loves a lot of hair! It's crown shaping is worked concentrically, rather than the more regular mitred or balanced crown shaping methods, and the stitch pattern really highlights the shape.

Kinda goes without saying that Roberta is a natural in front of the camera! I hope I'll get the chance to work with her again, she's good fun. On saturday the lovely lovely Charlie arrives, daughter of my good friend Susan Crawford and model of the Meret. Having worked with Charlie before I know we're going to have a great photoshoot or two, and I know she's super excited about a visit to Italy! We're pulling out all the stops for this book; I do hope you like it when it's published.

That's all for now, more will be revealed soon enough. It's back to that pile of tech edits for me!

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