You'd be forgiven for thinking this week that Classic Woolly Toppers will be all about the Brim. It isn't, yet that's been my focus of late, and it's quite refreshing.




The iphone Tom bought me for my birthday only lasted a week - really couldn't be doing with all those compatibility problems or the constant need for internet. So off it went to it's new Mac loving owner, and I bought myself a Samsung Galaxy as a replacement (2nd hand, but as new, for the same price as the well used iphone. Bargain)

The new phone is a dream - Android is Linux based and I couldn't have asked for a more useful and accessible device. It talks to my Ubuntu system without a fight, I can transfer photos and files via the data cable, and the Bluetooth means I can stay connected to devices on different platforms. I love it. Except, it lacked Instagram. Finally last week Instagram released their Android version and I've been enjoying playing with images for the sake of it.



Lately I've been having more panic attacks, the stress of the last few months taking it's toll, I think. And with that, I've been finding it difficult communicating. I'm trying not to run off into a corner and hide, but at the same time, I can't help feel that what I say or type sounds odd or worse, and confidence vanishes. Paranoia has been kicking in, and that's never healthy. With images, I can still stay in touch with the outside world without saying anything 'wrong' at all.

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