There's been a lot to absorb over the last couple of days, as the dust settles. So often I get this this urge to drag myself to the surface, to stamp my foot and reclaim my space, yet it usually takes more energy than I can muster. This time, I can feel myself holding on and standing my ground, and that's quite an achievement.

These photos were taken over the long weekend, of an evening around the bonfire. They were only taken with my phone, and it's very pleasing to discover that my phone is the pretty handy little pocket camera that I'd hoped it would be. The Henge is something I see everyday, well as long as I leave my cave and get out of the bus. I played no part in it's building or design, it was built by the Mutoids many, many years before I came here, and it's now part of my world.

The photo as it is, taken on my Samsung Galaxy S5830 with the night setting.
There's an out of focus Aran in the foreground slightly to the left.


Tilt & Shift effect, using the Camera 360 app


Tilt & Shift image then Instagram'd, using the Inkwell filter


I've sort of made a deal with myself, to try and capture an image everyday, of things I see everyday. I figured that would be a good way of not only reminding myself who I am, but the world at large, too. I don't blog about The Yard much as I'm mindful of the fact that people live here, and want to respect their privacy. And that in turn means that some of the things I capture may be a little abstract, but abstract is fine. My world can be pretty abstract after all. The plan is to post photos through Twitter or Instagram, and I've no doubt a few of them will find their way here, too.

Before I go and dive into pattern writing, I'd like to thank everyone again for their amazing support, it really does make a huge difference knowing we're connected. Sometimes things have to be said, and sometimes we have to dive in at the deep end to discover that really, it isn't that deep after all.

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