Today is International Women's Day, and I'd like to highlight it by talking about one of my heroines, Joolz.

I first discovered Joolz through New Model Army, and I discovered them when I was about 13. She did all their cover artwork, and it wasn't long before I was buying records of her poetry and listening, attentively.

She helped me feel connected; it was reassuring to know I wasn't the only female in the world to feel the way I did. Between them, Joolz and New Model Army not only recognised, but also vocalised, so much of how I felt about life and myself and the world. They played a key role in my younger years, and still do.

Joolz can count many strings to her bow - a tattoo artist, a visual artist, a poet/speaker and a writer/novelist. Each and everyone of them has her unique style, putting her own mark upon the world.

I've one of her poetry books on the shelf downstairs & have read several novels. I've seen her perform or read many times, each time better than the last. She's not nearly as red these days yet still has that same fire. And long may it live on.

AuthorWoolly Wormhead