I was doing so well at blogging frequently, every day even, and then I lose my flow and it goes quiet again. Last sunday was Carnival day, and I figured now would be a good a time as any to share, right? The Carnival was postponed by 2 weeks from February (due to the freak snow) the new time couldn't have been better - which little person wouldn't love the fun of dressing up and taking part in a carnival parade 2 days before their birthday?

mouse boy, pre whiskers

getting whiskered


Silvia was Queen Mouse, and headed the parade of little mice. She'd run a costume workshop especially for the carnival, helping kiddies and their parents make their costumes, along the theme of 'Cinderella's Mice'. We missed the sign-ups for the workshop, but a few days before the carnival, Silvia offered us a place as stand-ins for a couple of kiddies+their parents who had dropped out, so we grabbed the chance. Thankfully the costume was at least half made, and we quickly set about finishing ours. Tom did most of the sewing, as I've been up to my ears in lurgy and work. So yes, this was one Hat I didn't make.

Aran & his school friend up to something


Queen Mouse


peddle powered pumpkin


Ours was the only peddle powered part of the parade and we were proud to be green. Every other float was pulled by a tractor. Silvia and Tommy made the float, complete with it's pumpkin and it's bicycle mechanism, and it's been great to see it grow and develop.

follow the leader

The streets of town were rammed. Everyone came out to see the parade and even if they weren't part of the carnival itself, they still dressed up. Although the crowds got quite tricky to navigate through, even with the barriers, I found the support amazing. The local carnival where I grew up pales by comparison; we went to see it the other summer and hardly anyone turned out to watch it, let alone cheer it on. This one was a proper carnival, and I don't doubt the festivities carried on late into the night.

crowded streets

There is a trick to getting all those people to come to the carnival.... see those little bags the wee mice are wearing around their shoulders? Full of confetti. But not just any old confetti... this is confetti laced with sweets. The aim of the day was to catch as many sweets as you humanly could... or risk life and limb to dash into the carnival itself and grab them off the floor before the tractor behind flattened them. It's amazing what folks will do for sugar, eh?

clearing up


All in all, a fabulous day. The wee dude found the crowds a bit overwhelming, which is totally understandable - he's never taken part in anything on this scale! Everyone did a grand job, especially the Queen Mouse.

Thank you all for Aran's birthday wishes! He had an amazing time, and we completely failed to take any photos of the party (which was a good one!) Still can't get my head round the fact that he's FOUR. Time sure does run away with itself.

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