4 years old already, how did that happen?! And here I present the evidence that we do indeed have photos of the little fella NOT wearing a Hat. 


To compliment the Ikea wooden train track we bought him for Xmas, we've bought a few of the Thomas & Friends wooden engines as birthday presents, which has pleased Aran no end (his imaginary friends are called Thomas and Percy...). Amazingly, he went off to school pretty easily this morning, we thought we'd have to drag him away from his trains kicking and screaming! The Thomas brand tracks are out of our budget, yet we're very pleased to discover that most of the tracks are compatible, including the Tesco and Ikea brands.

And now onto the party celebrations... I've a day of cleaning & tidying ahead, and Tom has a day of baking. Roll on 4pm when we can start the celebrations and relax!

AuthorWoolly Wormhead