.... can I ask for your help with some words?

I'm full of the lurgy and can't think straight (and my voice went this morning! yey!) and could really benefit from bouncing a few ideas around to find some suitable words.

Here are my current dilemmas:

1) I'm looking for a single word, suitable for a collection of children's Hats, that sums up the nature of the designs. Many of them use 2 colours, most of them are quirky. There are some words that can't be used ('whimsical' has associations elsewhere, for instance) and the word does need to capture the whole feel of the book.

Currently, I have Playful Woolly Toppers. 'Playful' is the best word I've been able to come up with so far (I did say I have a foggy head, right?) yet I'm convinced there's a better word out there. They certainly are playful, but does that grab your attention?

Now, this does let the cat out of the bag about a new collection I've been working on.... yes indeed, book 5 is in progress! (as is book 6 and book 7, as it happens....) and infact, book 6 will be called 'Classic Woolly Toppers'... what with WWT and WWT, we'll have a CWT... the first letter of the book descriptor would be more suitable if it hasn't been used already. Can you see my line of thinking here?

Recap: it needs to be one word, something to describe quirky and/or use of 2 colours, without actually saying quirky.

2) I've been slowly building new pages on this site, and one such page is an outline of the testing and editing process that each book or pattern goes through. Currently it's called quality assurance, yet, I don't know, that sounds too... corporate? The aim is to assure knitters and crocheters that every effort has been made to ensure a quality product, by explaining just how rigorous the process is.

Is there a single word that sums up 'quality assurance' in a more user friendly way? A single word would be simpler and fit better with the overall style of the site. 'vetted' is one word I've considered but that sounds harsh and unapproachable.

Another option would be to call it 'guarantee' yet that would involve a guarantee statement and thoughts over how I'd offer that guarantee (which, really, may not be such a bad idea... there's no headpsace right now but maybe for the future?)

As always, your thoughts would be very much appreciated!

ETA/ if you leave your suggestions as a comment here, and include your email addy in the right field, I can send you a thank you of some kind if your idea hits the spot :)

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