A very good friend of mine had a birthday recently, a special birthday. And knowing just how much she loves Hats, I decided to make one just for her. But I didn't just knit her a Hat, I designed with her in mind, in a style I thought she'd suit, and in colours that would cheer the dullest of days. And then I wrote the pattern for her Hat.

You know my friend as BabyLongLegs.

So, I said to BBL, "your Hat, your call - what should I do with it?" And so it's been published as a free pattern, which we both felt was the right way to go.

Doesn't it suit her? I love these photos she sent me... although they're a tad coy, the whole composition looks cosy and comfortable and right. BabyLongLegs is rockin' that Hat, I'd say. And I'm reliably told it's her Happy Hat :)

Before I sent it off, I grabbed a couple of photos of Alyx wearing the Hat... (it's a habit to get photos of Hats before they get sent anywhere in case they go amiss) and I had a bit of a job trying to get this Hat of Alyx's head, as she too was rather taken with it...

Two yarns are knitted together to create this effect - the base yarn was Semi~Precious 4ply (BabyLongLegs own yarn!) which is constant all the way through. It provides stability, in the colours and in drape, with it's 50/50 silk & merino blend. For the 2nd yarn I used a number of different DK/light worsted yarns, and used as many BabyLongLegs oddments as my stash would permit.

I liked the idea that the same yarns that had been hand dyed by my friend, then used in my patterns, would make their way into her present. Like they had a story to tell all of their own.

The pattern does include notes about the use of yarns, with links to any relevant tutorials. Use wool for the 2nd yarn, so they can spit splice nicely together to create continuity between the colours. It's how the yarns and colours are used that make this Hat special - each combination is entirely unique. You could use a single yarn that gives the same gauge if you prefer, though I do think it creates a deeper effect with the yarns held together. Why not try 3 fine yarns for really deep colour?

It makes me happy to see something I've made enjoyed, to see my friends happy too.

There's a few sizes included in the pattern, something for everyone, and we hope you enjoy it too. You can download Sarah's Slouch from it's own page.

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