The heavy snow has pretty much cut us off today; getting in & out of the Yard is tricky as it's virtually impossible to drive. The local roads were ploughed yesterday, but after dropping to -5°C last night, and then further blizzarding, I doubt those roads will be very safe!

We've had some 8inches/20cm now, which is helping to keep the water pipes insulated so we're not without running water, though the washing machine is frozen solid (we thought the previous heavy frosts had killed it but after an extra few days of thawing, it miraculously started working again) We do though keep losing power - one power cut yesterday killed my printer - it trips out only for a short time before coming back on and these little and frequent power cuts cause more damage than those lasting a few hours. This morning Tom managed to get the internet back up and running after the heavy snow took our entire network down. Countries that deal with this sort of weather every winter are much better prepared; this area of Europe doesn't usually see this much snow, and isn't prepared at all. Friends of ours who live a short drive away in the hills are totally cut off, and their 87yo neighbour says she's never seen snow like this before.

I'm trying to keep up with all my emails but with frequent loss of power and/or network, it's getting difficult! Please bear with me while we battle through this freakish weather.

Aran, on the other hand, is thoroughly enjoying it all. This was him yesterday, contemplating venturing away from the cleared path. It's knee deep on him in most places.

We are warm though, and since Tom managed to fix the leaks, we're dry too. The snow on the roof isn't causing it to buckle, so we're leaving it there as insulation! This was the view from our bedroom window, taken with my phone's camera on wednesday evening, it's even deeper now.

We've plenty of food and water and fuel supplies, so we can survive through to next week comfortably. As I've mentioned above though, we keep getting cut off so I hope you understand if I'm not able to respond to an email or query straight away. I'm doing what I can when I can, but mostly I'm trying to not to get wet & cold by staying indoors! With any luck after the weekend it'll stop snowing and the sun will come out to start the long thaw.

AuthorWoolly Wormhead