Saturday turned out to be an amazing day. Admittedly, it started pretty miserably after seeing the weather, but with some determination and a lot of thoughtful friends, the sadness was kicked out.

Now, I'm a bit rubbish at remembering birthdays (except if you're an Aquarian or your birthday falls on the 28th of a month, for whatever reason these get imprinted in my brain) and so in turn, I'm cool with mine not being a big deal, and tend to get a bit embarrassed if anyone makes a fuss. I was totally bowled over by the efforts of so many friends on saturday, as virtually everyone on the Yard dug their way out of the snow and made it out for pizza and drinks. Further more, there were some lovely presents, too.

This is a brooch made by Lupan (and her little lady too, I believe!) It's not a piece I'd wear everyday, it's a special occasion dressing up piece (because, yes, I do dress up occasionally, says she who's madly hunting for just the right clutch bag right now) I love the urchin details, so textural.

(wonky camera angle, sorry) A framed print of one of Su-E-Side's paintings in the house (communal area). We love the kitsch feel to this and it's just the right size for hanging in the bus.

This piece was super tricky to photograph, sorry! (It seems that my photography mojo has gone for a long walk somewhere) This pendant wasn't made by someone on the Yard, but a friend of a Yardie. I'll be the first to admit that I'm a bit rubbish at wearing jewellery but I do like having it, especially hand made and unusual pieces. There's a lot of lustre going on in there!

Aren't these all amazing gifts? Each and everyone hand made. Thank you all too for my birthday messages - it really was a brilliant day.

Tom really surprised me with his present, as I wasn't expecting anything. Normally we have a chat about what the other wants (normally something techie or gadgety) and we go from there. Now, I had expressed a wish for a new mobile phone. I like my old Nokia N96 but it tends to cut out and restart during a phonecall. We did buy me an entry level touch screen phone for my birthday last year but I couldn't really get used it... the screen size was small and it had no wifi, so Tom and myself swapped (it's satnav is way better than Tom's old TomTom, it was a good swap!) 

But still, I kinda needed a new phone. I like phones with good cameras and music players and other gadgets as I don't really phone folk much. Which is why the N96 suited me perfectly, except those odd times when I did talk to someone, it died every single time.

So, imagine my amazement when Tom gifted me an iPhone!

Getting an iPhone has never been high on my priority list, getting any new phone hasn't been despite the (not so desperate) need, money is better spent elsewhere. So this was a real surprise. It's 2nd hand, in great condition from a friend and I've been having fun getting used to it.

Except we discovered that we can't file transfer via Bluetooth or the data cable. I figured there'd be some compatibility issues as I run a Linux (Ubuntu) system and that's parr for the course. But a phone that's all about the media and apps that will only let you file transfer via an internet connection? That's daft. So, I'm gonna get Ubuntu One up and running, but that still requires the internet (and I ramble on enough about how our connection isn't reliable, despite our best efforts) so I think I'll try one of the Bluetooth hacks too. It's either that or put Android on it and I'd rather not fiddle with it too much (says the Linux girl who always seems to be tweaking code..) If anyone has any advice on this, please share. It would be so cool to make it more accessible.

That issue aside, I do like my new toy very much, and Aran is enjoying the Talking Tom app no end! 

It hasn't snowed since sunday morning, and today the sun has come out and temperature has risen to just above freezing. We're hoping, finally, that this is the start of the long thaw. We're still knee deep in the white stuff, but having that sunshine wafting through the windows has cheered us all up.

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