It finally stopped snowing here wednesday morning. We had a brief period, 36 hours or so, where the temperature hovered just above the freezing mark. We saw the return of running water, just as I'd got into a routine of harvesting and melting icicles. Thursday even saw the sun come out to start the long and slow thaw. And then thursday night, the temperature dropped to one of it's lowest this winter, and we were greeted friday morning with solid ice all around; all the remaining snow was solid.

And then it started blizzarding. Yesterday's local forecast told us to expect a metre of snowfall by the end of the weekend, obviously the 1m+ that had fallen over the previous 10 days just wasn't cutting it. Yesterday was plagued by power cuts, and having seen what we've woken to this morning, it's amazing that we still have one tap working in the kitchen and that the power is still connected.

When we woke up this morning, we couldn't see out of our windows, not even upstairs. The blizzards have coated the bus.

It had made it's way inside the bus; the cab was full of snow. Thankfully, it didn't make it past the first of our curtains.

The under cover area where we dry washing & store our bikes was badly hit

As was the wood store, which is also well sheltered. Or so we thought..

The drifts are pretty dramatic out there, cold and dusty, and the wind is still shaping them

This has been the worst weather day yet. It's still blizzarding like mad out there.

And today is my birthday. In all my years I think there was one, maybe two, birthdays where I've seen snow. And that'll be of the typical Southern England variety, nothing even remotely like this. Doesn't look like we'll be making it for celebrations tonight...

AuthorWoolly Wormhead