Arkanoid is published today!

Designed with BabyLongLegs luscious Semi~Precious 4ply, this Hat is soft and drapey and oh so comfy. The texured stitch pattern is interesting enough to knit without being too complex, and the subtle folded brim adds enough detail without making the pattern too complicated.

There are 6 sizes included, and as well as the instructions for the slouchy version, notes are included for a not so slouchy version. All in all, with it's unisex style, it's a Hat you can make for anyone - the size range covers babies (14in) through to large adults (24in)

The Semi~Precious is such a lovely yarn to knit with - the drape and softness and stitch definition is amazing, and let's not forget the colours that BBL achieves! That said, I know folks won't all be able to get their hands on a skein, so I've included a couple of suitable subsitutes on the pattern. If you can though, do try and grab yourself a skein of the Semi~Precious, I can assure you that you won't regret it!

Arkanoid is also the February KAL pattern over in the Ravelry group, and I know BBL is doing a special offer on purchases of the Semi~Precious, so there's plenty of incentive to join in ;)

Has the snow that's sweeping Europe been well received or is it wreaking havoc? We thought it might be quite fun, but it seems that the recent heavy frosts have damaged some of the rubber window seals, and under the heavy snow, we've sprung a few leaks. One of which made itself apparent by soaking our bed in the early hours. Thankfully most of it has dried and there's a good chance we'll be sleeping in our own bed tonight, but it wasn't the most welcome start to the morning! Or to the 2 weeks of similar weather we've been forecast... 

Enjoy Arkanoid, and stay warm!

PS/ the first commenter to tell me a) where the name came from and b) why that name gets a free copy of the pattern! (don't forget to leave your email addy in the relevant field, so I can gift it to you)

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