Fancy a little something to get us into the festive mood?

I'm not normally one to get carried away at Xmas, but with this Hat, I couldn't resist. Must be something to do with being the mother of an almost 5 year old...



Featuring a deep garter stitch brim, this Hat is warm and snug and just a little bit quirky. Once through the brim, the body & crown become one, and cables run vertically up the sides of the Hat creating a rather distinctive shape. All of the shaping is worked neatly around the cables, and the top is finished with a little I-cord loop (may as well go the whole hog with the whimsy, eh?)


This view shows the unique shape rather well - the crown employs a method of decreasing that focuses the shaping at specific points - and that's how the structure is created. Although pixie Hats aren't uncommon, especially around here, the structure of this one is a bit different, and surprisingly strong! 

Kabouter may be a new release, but it's not an entirely new design. Infact, it's almost a year old. And it wasn't originally knit in such festive colours, either...



Kabouter is actually the 2nd design for Playful Woolly Toppers; Alfur was the first to be published. So not only is this the perfect festive Hat but it's also a sign that the next book is getting under way.

The samples shown here have both been knit in KnitPicks Wool of the Andes - Cascade 220 would be a perfect substitute. I did knit another version in a less woolly yarn - a multiplied worsted spun merino - and it really didn't look as good. The yarn was lovely and the shape held up but it wasn't as distinctive, and so I would recommend something properly woolly, and maybe even woollen spun.



Kabouter comes in 4 sizes, covering mischief-makers aged 6mths through to adult, and is provided in written format. This side of Xmas the seasonal photos appear on the pattern and then once we hit the new year, I'll change the photos over. As we draw closer to the release date for Playful Woolly Toppers purchasers of this pattern and Alfur will receive a discount to use towards the cost of the PWT eBook, so there's no need to hold back on knitting this little Hat now!

PS/ if you bought into the Mystery KAL this year, keep an eye on your inbox as I've sent you a little something about this pattern :)

ETA/ 'Kabouter' is Dutch for elfin or gnome, and was suggested by the ever knowledgable Liz (who not only is one of my test knitters but also copy edits for me). Kabouters are said to be shy of humans, and are known to run around in little red pointy Hats. You can read more about them here. Very fitting, wouldn't you say?

AuthorWoolly Wormhead