This lady has decided she's coming to stay with us. 

Affectionately named 'Fiona' by one of the children on site, we don't really know much about this lady. She appeared sometime back in spring, most likely abandoned. The first time we saw her we presumed she was male due to her size, as she's no small cat. When we came back this autumn she'd had her ear clipped (the system they use here to denote that a stray has been spayed) and it was pretty clear she was desperate for some company.

She took her time moving in; she was nervous and skittish and had to contend with the ferals over food. We let her know that we're cat-friendly and once it became cold enough to close the door during the day, she started staying in. She only spent her first night inside a few nights ago and that's it - she hasn't left since.



She seems to be happy with a litter tray; she knows what it is and we've yet to find any unpleasant surprises. She's much calmer, although she's still wary of feet (we believe she was mistreated before coming here, most likely kicked, judging by her behaviour) and hasn't yet come round to the idea of sitting on the sofa with us or being picked up. She's playful and talkative and loves being stroked.

She's a mature cat and seems pretty healthy. She's mostly white, with the exception of tortoiseshell markings to her head and ears, two brown fingerprints on her shoulders and a tortoiseshell tail. She's not sure about Jimmy the ginger cat: he's being his usual vagabond self and wandering in, attempting to tell her that this is his patch. But she's got news for him; she's telling him this is HER place and we're pretty sure she means it.

We've resisted adopting a cat of our own for a few reasons. But who can turn away such a lovely lady looking for somewhere safe to spend her later years?

AuthorWoolly Wormhead