Our fundraising total now stands at £1150, which equates to roughly €1400 - a staggering amount! The proceeds from those 3 patterns - Tangled River, Lenina & Retro Beanie - will continue to go into the fundraiser until the end of the month. Our cause is an ongoing on, as I'm sure you can appreciate, and I'll keep you updated where I'm able to.

As much as the last 10 days or so have been utterly exhausting and stressful, having the fundraiser there, something positive that I could divert energy into, has kept me going. Without it I think I would have fallen apart. Your support has been amazing and for that I can't thank you enough. I feel particularly proud that my knitterly community has contributed such a huge amount.

I'll keep all the details, total updates etc, in the main blog post so everyone can access all the info.


In a few days I'll be embarking on a tour of England and Scotland, travelling around teaching workshops, giving trunk shows and running the Hat clinic. I can be found in a whole host of places, details of which can be found on the Events page, and one event that I'd like to introduce today is Yorkshire Wool Week.

Yorkshire Wool Week is organised by Verity of Baa Ram Ewe fame, and there's going to be rather a lot going on! I'll be teaching my Hat design workshop, and as a special for the event, a few of my patterns are being relaunched in the UK using locally produced yarns.



Amongst the designs being relaunched is Slable, the sample for which was knit in BRE's very own Titus (which was featured in Knitter's Review this week) These patterns will also be available as kits, too. The yarn lends itself very well to the design - so very soft and giving great stitch definition.



Another relaunched design is Everglade, this time knit in Rowan's PureLife British Sheep Breeds DK. All details of the relaunch and details of the kits will be available from Baa Ram Ewe. Yorkshire Wool Week runs from 15th through to the 22nd of October.



Can I say that these are more photos I'm especially chuffed with? These were taken the same day as those for Tangled River & Lenina, and this one is also taken amongst Mutoid art (the Time Machine to be precise, which is also where the Meret and Tebe Slouch, amongst others, were shot) I seem to be on a bit of a roll with the camera - Tom's been trying to tell me for ages that I can call myself a photographer; I'm starting to believe him now!


I think Everglade looks gorgeous in this yarn, no? The new model is Fran, who has never modelled before and has taken to it rather well! I'm wanting to make the most of her before she leaves in November..


The next few days will be spent getting ready for my trip, and finishing up the pattern for this year's Mystery KAL! This year there will only be one pattern for the Mystery KAL, unlike previous years when we've had two. As much as I'd like to have two patterns ready it's just not going to be possible, given how life has gotten in the way of work recently. More details of the KAL will follow in a few weeks :)

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