Sorry it's been nearly a week since last posting, the flu has been a real pain around here and won't leave us! Each time I feel like I'm much better, it comes straight back with a vengeance. Aran's still sniffly, though much better; it seems to be bothering me more. Typical, as my mountain of work is ever growing!

Pattern writing and maths hasn't been easy with this foggy head, so I've been slowly working on a few simpler things that have been waiting for my attention for some time. And that includes 3 new tutorials (hey, I'm almost up to date with the tutorials to-do list!)

Firstly, I uploaded a more user friendly tutorial for stocking stitch kitchener. I know the indepth analysis throws a few people who are looking for something more straightforward, and this new one is an extract from Going Straight. It includes a few helpful tips, too, for those tackling grafting for the first time!

Secondly, to complete the range of techniques needed for sideways knit Hats, I've added a short rows (w&t) tutorial. Again, this one is based on the Going Straight tutorials, although isn't as indepth as the tutorials included in the book. This one has been on my list *forever* so I'm pleased to get it added.

And lastly for today, the final installment in the woolly Dreadlocks series. This one has been near the bottom of my list as it's not directly pattern or work related, and I really didn't think they'd be much interest in it. And boy was I wrong! I've had lots of emails asking when it would be posted, and I'm glad to say it's now finished. 

And that's about it from me. Except to say that Arkanoid will be published on Wednesday 1st February, and I know a few folks have been waiting for that one!

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We've been forecast snow from tomorrow until early next week, so we'll be busy preparing for another freeze. With any luck we'll get some nice snowy photos to share with you!

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