We've all been full of the flu here, and whichever bug it is, it's not a nice one. It's left us all a bit foggy and drained and sleep deprived. We're all on the mend now; Aran has gone back to school today and I've managed to get out of bed for the first time since friday. (Tom, as always, managed a snuffle and sneeze and that's about it. So when I say 'we' I really mean Aran and myself)

And a foggy, bunged up head isn't good for all the work I need to do! For once I have been kind to myself and had a few days off, managing to answer the odd email here and there, but that's about it. Itchy fingers have demanded some knitting, and rather than knit something for one of us (which would require a discussion and a decision as to what to knit) I thought I may as well knit one of my older designs that was in need of a new sample.

So I cast on for Wickery.

There's a stack of Hat samples still missing from my collection (which is no bad thing, else I wouldn't be able to carry them all to shops or shows!) but there are a few patterns that really should get more attention, and don't, because I don't have the samples anymore. Wickery is one such Hat. The sample in the pattern photos belong to lovely Cottonon, who very generously allowed me to use her photos. Yet I can't take that sample to shows; it's not mine! And having the Hat there, for folks to try on, can't be beat.

I figured this was a good knitting plan: my fingers can keep busy while the brain rests, a bit more stash yarn gets used, I feel semi productive and another Hat gains it's sample for shows and display.

The original sample was knit in Cascade 220, which the pattern calls for, but my stash is seriously lacking in that department, so I grabbed some local yarn which is a really good substitute for the 220. I don't think this one is on the Ravelry database - I have been adding some of the missing Italian yarns as and when I can. It's nice and woolly - it has a few more plies than the Cascade 220 but not so many that it's especially springy. It's a pale mossy green, not the grey the photos would have you believe.

Well, it seems that even straight forward knitting is too complex for this foggy flu addled brain. See that nice stack of cable twists there? Well, part way around, somehow, a few of those columns managed to gain an extra twist. So I had to rip it all back this morning and start again. 

I love love love my Harmony interchangeables. Especially the short tips (they're not just for sock knitters, y'know..) And I've been liking square needles, too - Yvonne very kindly gifted me a set of Kollage square DPNs a summer or two back, and they are strangely smooth to knit with. Naturally, I treated myself to some KnitPro Cubics tips.

I was hesitant about the KnitPro cubics, mostly because of their colour. And sorry to say, I like it even less in person. Natural wood I love. Fake wood is great too; the original colours of the Harmonies are so bright and gorgeous. But fake natural just doesn't do it for me. That said, they are very smooth to knit with, and I do hope they can manage a shorter tip version at some point in the future. But my biggest wish would be to give us a choice on the colour and make them available in the same colours that have made the Harmonies so successful.

Right, onwards with the flu remedies! This afternoon sees me picking the lucky winner for the Wollmeise & WW pattern giveaway - look out for an email from me.

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