The weather has turned here this last week; it isn't normally so cold but we do get heavy frost or snow occassionally. When the cold weather does strike we often find ourselves without running water - how and where we live isn't permanent, it's different to living in a house, and we're much more exposed to the elements than many imagine. So while we're on water rationing for a few days, we get to see how beautiful the frost can make the world around us.

Tom took all these photos a couple of hours ago - aren't they beautiful? They are all elements of The Time Machine, a group installation that's been on The Yard for many years. It's one of my favourite locations for taking photos; it's so atmospheric and dynamic. So unusual as a backdrop, and it has the most amazing effect on light at different times of the day or year. 

As much as we'd like the weather to warm up, I'm secretly hoping it stays cold, or at least slightly foggy and frosty, so we can manage a quick photoshoot in the morning!

AuthorWoolly Wormhead