Last night I uploaded 3 new tutorials as PDFs!

Firstly, the Alternate Cable cast-on for 2x2, 2x1 and 1x2 ribbing. Originally, I was going to include the initial 1x1 AC cast-on within it's pages, but this one was at 5 pages already, and felt it better to reference that first tutorial, so that folks don't need to download/print if they've already got it. Find it here.

The next 2 tutorials are for techniques that many may consider common, but you'd be surprised at how often I get emails about them!

The Spit Splicing tutorial is a must for joining wool yarns (my faves, as you know) and there's something else coming in a few weeks that'll build on this method. Then we have the I-cord - I do get emails asking about this method, as they appear a lot in my patterns, and there should be a tutorial for them. I know I can refer folks to other sites and links, yet I'd like to cover as much support as I can from here.

Both of them can be found here.

The tutorial pages were getting a little crowded, so I've split up the Cast on and Cast off methods into 2 pages, to make them clearer. They are cross referenced, incase the move catches anyone unawares!

And you may have noticed the new banner... I did like the previous colour one but it wasn't part of the greater plan. In my head, I've known for a long time how I'd like this site to look, but lacking the time/skills/funds to get it all done in one go, I've been slowly and organically working on it here and there. It's starting to feel like home now - the more minimal look allows the photos, and the Hats, to stand out. Adriana at Adriprints developed the watermark/encircled W for me early last year and it's great to start to put it to use (finally!). 

And now it's back to pattern writing and knitting for me... there's more new things on the horizon!

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