Have you seen the Winter issue of Petite Purls that's just gone live? There's a familiar face to be found on it's pages...

Bóithrín (pronounced Boreen) is Irish for 'a little road', and the pattern blurb sums up pretty well where the inspiration for the design came from!

My little boy loves cars. And trucks. And bikes. And aeroplanes. And motorbikes. And lorries. And diggers. And cranes. And trains. And buses, which is pretty handy, as we live in a bus. It doesn't matter whether it's an old rusty banger or slick stickered racing car, if it moves and makes a noise, he wants one.

And so this Hat, inspired by race tracks, road markings and tyre treads came to be. Bóithrín is the perfect Hat for little boys obsessed with vehicles; a modern take on the classic instarsia motif pieces, and the perfect project to practice a few new techniques.

(it's very much an Aran Hat)

With 2 versions available, it's a fun sideways knit. Using the Ewe Ewe Yarns' Wooly Worsted Washable it's also super squishy and soft. The Ewe Ewe yarn is perfect for items for little folk - bright colours and perfectly machine washable.

I designed this Hat when we were visiting my Mum in Ireland over the summer, hence the Irish slant on the name (which seems so fitting, don't you think?) That was a memorable trip for Aran as it was his first flight, and he loved being in an aeroplane!

Bóithrín is a free pattern, and I do hope you enjoy it! Each version includes 3 sizes, and is fully charted too, alongside the written instructions. It's also easily customised for sizes not included, though you will need more yarn should you wish to go larger.

This issue of Petite Purls is a good one - they've worked really hard to get it all together and I'm chuffed to be among the pages. Enjoy!

PS/ the photos were taken in and around The Yard, which provides the perfect environment for a little boy obsessed with vehicles. There's no shortage of trucks here..

AuthorWoolly Wormhead