We went to visit the new school yesterday and they've decided to start Aran's intro week today, a whole 2 weeks ahead of the original start date for the other school.

And here he is, in his grembruli! (and yes, this is the masculine version; the one for girls has a frilled collar). They don't really do school uniforms here, only these overall type things.

The idea of the intro week is a gentle break into school, designed for parents kids who are leaving their kids parents for the first time. But Aran doesn't really need it, as he's been attending baby parking (a drop-in nursery system) for the last 18 months or so, to help him learn the language and develop social skills (a good plan when you're not a native). So all in all, Aran's chomping at the bit and can't wait to start at the new school, make new friends, and most importantly, lay claim to all the car toys.

Your emails and comments on my last post are much appreciated, thank you. Nobody really knows how the bad my depression has got lately, besides Tom, so it wasn't easy to speak up, especially when you consider that my perspective on the world is more than a little skewed right now. The thing that I've had the biggest problem with is this idea that we're meant to be happy all the time, that folk don't want to read anything vaguely negative, and it all feels incredibly false. Real life is real life, it can't be veneered, and my efforts to try and fit in and hide all the 'negative' stuff have ended up pushing me further underground, to breaking point.

In terms of treatment: we've been using the Bach's Remedies with reasonable results. Tom's mixing them and keeping on my case to make sure I take them. In terms of medication: SSRI's are ineffective with me, and the only thing that really has any effect is Venlafaxine, except it's side effects are too great and after years of taking it, I simply won't go there again.

And now some knitting awaits :)

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