Until the end of October, a whole bunch of great bloggers, designers, writers and knitters will be offering reviews, interviews of giveaways, all about Bambeanies!

The line up is pretty impressive, and here's where you can visit over the next 6 weeks or so. As each post goes live, I'll update the links and will also get it all added to the book's page, too.


6th September:   Susan B Anderson

16th September:   Ann Kingstone

20th September:   Shannon Oakey (Knitgrrl)

23rd September:   Suvi Simola (50 villapeikkoa)

27th September:   Kate Oates (Tottoppers)

30th September:   Ruth Garcia (Rock and Purl)

4th October:   Anna Dalvi (Knit and Knag)

7th October:   Michelle Miller (Fickle Knitter)

11th October:   Rosemary Hill (Romi Designs)

14th October:   Laura Nelkin (Nelkin Design)

18th October:   Carol Feller (Stolen Stitches)

21st October:   Sarah H. (Babylonglegs)

25th October:   Katya Frankel (Binge Knitter)

28th October:   Hanna Fetig (KnitBot)


A great line-up of fantastic knitterly folk, wouldn't you agree? And if that wasn't enough, there's a whole bunch of other exciting stuff happening over the next couple of months, all related to the book, too. I've been hiding away with good reason, I'll have you know! Each blogger has something interesting to share with you, a different insight or angle on the book, and it'll be worth your while following along, I promise.

Meantime, I have a new design to be finishing... 

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