I know, I know.. this blog has been neglected of late and I haven't posted every pattern update. Things have been so busy and intense here lately, finishing of the final things on Bambeanies that time has ran away with itself.

It's all been worth it though, as Bambeanies is now officially published! The complete e-book has been uploaded, and pre-purchasers can now access that file from the latest download link. Anyone wishing to purchase the print copy can now do so from my CreateSpace store, although it won't appear on Amazon.com for a few days yet, and longer for regional Amazons.

We went to Ireland for a short trip to visit my Mum (we haven't seen her for 2 years!) and when we got back, the printed proof copies were waiting for me (perfect timing, as I uploaded the files before we went) which was very exciting! Very few tweaks were needed and I'm so chuffed to be able to make it publicly available now.

I'm especially chuffed with the photos and layout. Y'all know I do these things myself, and it's a continual learning curve, it really is. With each book I feel I've done better than the previous, and this one is no exception.

Those who pre-ordered the print will have their copies dispatched on monday, and next week I'll start the promotional ball rolling. In the meantime, have a good weekend and I do hope you enjoy the book!

AuthorWoolly Wormhead