The next group of patterns went out last night, a little late this week thanks to a broken wifi dongle. I'm sorry for the delay and did do the best I could to make sure I'd be online and able to send them out, but this time technology seemed to be playing against me.

Nonetheless, the next 3 patterns are now available and let me introduce them!

The first new design this week is Emilia. Knit from the yummy Natural Dye Studio Phoenix DK, which is a heavy DK, close to worsted, and lovely and drapey. The yarn is now somehwat limited, so I'm working with the lovely folks at NDS to offer a suitable sub. The main feature here is that lacey brim, and the crown shaping detail finishes the Hat perfectly.

Then we have the lovely Quatra. The detail on this Hat is in the brim, and of course that 4 peak crown. The brim is based on a picot folded brim, and those buttons combined with the ratio of brim colour to body colour is what really sets it apart. Ideal in a heavy 4ply or sportsweight.

And finally, we have Beamish, a fun little Hat for the boys. The key to this one is the ratio of brim to body, much like Quatra, which in turn shares part of it's charm through it's crown shaping with Tricable.

There won't be so long to wait until the next installment! And as we're not on the road this week, I can promise that the next 3 *will* go live on monday, without delay.

All of the final tech edits and copy edits are in, which means now it's down to my final tweaking... It's kinda scary now, it's so close!


It's my Mum's birthday today, and by way of a present, we've booked ourselves some flights to go and see her in a few weeks. We haven't visited since we went over to help her choose her plot 2 years ago, as we've not really had the money to go (it's so close yet so expensive!) but we've found a way this time. We'll be away from the 10th to the 16th August (and she does have a working wifi dongle ;) And it will be Aran's first flight, so we're all looking forward to it. Happy Birthday, Mum.

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