Knit Nation was fabulous, and I haven't yet had a chance to download the (few) photos I took or let it all sink in, really! However I have been a good girl and sent out the 2nd weekly installment of the Bambeanies patterns. Without further ado, let me introduce the next 3 patterns...

Firstly, we have Pixetta. A modern take on a vintage style, this one knits up in a chunkier yarn (Lambs pride Worsted) and includes a whole host of sizes, from babies through to small adults.

Next we have Pootle. A lovely feminine beanie with a gentle ribbed pattern and a subtle picot brim edge. The cute little tentacles at the crown are not I-cords, but instead use a different technique. Throughout the Bambeanies collection the aim was to include a variety of crown decorations, to keep things interesting. Again, the pattern has sizes for babies through to adults.

And lastly this week, we have Polpo. As the patterns are slowly released, you'll notice a few boy-girl pairs, and this pair, Pootle and Polpo, are the first. The pairings may be subtle, and I thought it would be fun to work some of the designs this way. So often boys lose out in the design stakes, and this one is for them, yet in a different colourway it could so easily work well for the girls, too.

Thank you to everyone who has purchased the Bambeanies pre-order - I do hope you're having fun with the patterns! Thanks also go to all the lovely knitters who came to visit my stand at Knit Nation and try on Hats and buy patterns or books! It was a fun weekend, and having the Bambeanies Hats there to be seen in the flesh was a winner. The next couple of weeks will be super busy, with visits to yarn stores and workshops, so I've no idea whether I'll get a KN blog post up (not helped by my lack of photos...) before we leave. Shows always take it out of you and this one was no different... the plan is to sleep and recover a little before we set off on the road again.


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