This weekend sees me in London for Knit Nation!

And especially for the show, there'll be a whole bunch of special offers. I'll have copies of Going Straight, Wee Woolly Toppers and Twisted Woolly Toppers with me (and I'll be signing them!), and will be able to take sales for the digital books as well as the print. Here's a quick preview:

Going Straight

PDF: £12 £10

Book: £17 £15

Book + PDF: £17 + £12 = £29 £20


Wee Woolly Toppers

PDF: £6 £5

Book: £8 £6

Book + PDF: £8 + £6 = £14 £10


Twisted Woolly Toppers

PDF: £9 £7

Book: £12 £10

Book + PDF: £12 + £9 = £21 £15

As an extra special show deal, I'll also be taking pre-orders for the print edition (& PDF or PDF+Print) of Bambeanies! All of the samples will be with me, so you can check out the new designs and see them in the flesh. The mini laptop will be with me, so I can send any digital purchases direct to you during the show.

The giant suitcase containing all my show & display materials is getting a little full, yet I've managed to squeeze in many of the samples from my single patterns, and other book designs, and a mirror so you can try them all on for size.

It's going to be a fun and busy show - if you're in London this weekend I'd seriously recommend coming along. Hope to see you there!

AuthorWoolly Wormhead