Thank you all again for your tips & tricks for dealing with the sleep issue (or lack thereof). Magnesium appears to have done the trick, which is rather handy, as it seems I'm probably generally low on magnesium and taking the tablets will help in more ways than one. (I don't know about anyone else, but I like multi purpose things)

An email has been sent to the first person who suggested magnesium - congratulations! If I don't hear from them within a week about where to send it all, the swag will go to the next commenter whose suggestion was along the same lines, so please keep an eye on your inbox!

We'll start our long journey back tomorrow, and will be offline for a few days while we're on the road. When we get back there's lots planned, and here's the confirmed details as I have them:


Friday 15th to Sunday 17th July - Knit Nation, Imperial College, London, UK. Book signing, trunk show & promotion day for Bambeanies. Click here for more details

Friday 22nd July - trunk show at Fibre + Clay, Knutsford, Cheshire, UK, 11am - 2pm. Click here for more details.

Saturday 23rd July - 'Turning Sideways' one day workshop at Fibre + Clay, Knutsford, Chesire, UK. Click here for more details.

Sunday 24th July - trunk show at Purl City Yarns, Manchester, UK, 12-3pm.


Also - I hope to be able to put Bambeanies (digital version) up for pre-order in about a weeks time! I'm trying to work out a way to take print pre-orders too, so they can ship straight to you, but let me work on that some more before I make any promises, it may not be feasible yet.

The nearly final draft went out to editors last night, and although I am a couple of weeks behind schedule (I was hoping to have proofs to take with me to the above events, but sadly we'll have to make do with the Hats and photos) it's looking really good. Apart from final checks, layout tweaks and getting the final photos ready to drop into place, it's done. I'm really pleased with how it's coming together - can't wait to get it out there.

Right, see you in blighty then!

PS/ I'm desperately trying to catch up with emails before we go, and hope not to leave anyone unanswered. However, I've just discovered that a whole bunch of emails sent over the last 3 or 4 weeks never arrived - I've no idea why, and apart from the few folks I've heard from who have told me they never got their email, I've no idea which ones. If you were expecting something from me and never got it, can you please drop me another email and I'll get back to you as soon as I can? Thanks for your understanding!

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