It's a kind of manic day today, as it's just been pointed to me that there's 11 days until myself & my partners in crime head for TNNA (thanks Ann!)... and that news has temporarily turned my world upside down. There is so, so much to get ready before then, including making myself a new skirt or two as I'm rather short on smart(ish) clothes that still fit me...

Despite this, I thought I'd better come and tell you that both Molly and Ziggy are now available again through Knit On The Net. Both patterns have had a complete overhaul, with new charts and fresh tech editing. One of the reasons the folks at Knit On The Net wanted to change their publishing format and website was to help Designers benefit more from their hard work, and this also meant changing some of the patterns from free to for-fee. This is a decision that myself and others have fully supported, and to make it worth the while, we've gone the extra mile to get the patterns in tip top shape. Had these two patterns been self published instead of going into the magazine I would have charged for them anyway, so the decision to charge settled fairly quickly in my head.

Both patterns will be exclusive at Knit On The Net (in PDF format) for a few months, and I'll be taking the samples with me to TNNA to generate some interest in their print release.

Right, onwards into the panic...

AuthorWoolly Wormhead