Aww, so pleased you like the cover for Bambeanies too! It's moving along quickly now, and won't be long before it's up for pre-order..

The 3rd of the 3 designs that I've done for The Little Knitting Company, Tebe Slouch, is released today. I've been a bit slow getting it sorted today as our internet has been a right royal pain, but it's done now.

This design is essentially a slouchy beanie, and it can be made more or less as slouchy as you like (though do bear in mind that if you fancy it slouchier than the pattern recommends you may need more yarn) The patterning is simple yet effective, subtle and feminine. The folded picot brim adds an extra dimension and it really isn't as difficult to do at all - to help, I've added a new tutorial* demonstrating how to join the stitches for the brim to my Tutorials section.

There are 3 sizes included, and the pattern includes charted as well as written instructions. The horizontal eyelet ribs continue all the way through the crown shaping, with a gorgeous little detail right at the very centre of the crown where they all come together.

It's been great working with TLKC with these designs, and I hope they're appreciated by their customers! They have the rights to resell each of the patterns on their website and in kits, or as always, you can buy direct from here or Ravelry.

A wee side note: there's been a tidy up of sorts under the Patterns section - the 'Beret & Rasta' patterns were split, and now they're Berets & Tams and Slouchy & Rastas. The page was getting large and unruly, yet even with this change there are still 32 patterns listed under the Berets & Tams section! But until I can work out a better way of doing it, this will have to suffice for now.

* - the tutorials are provided in PDF format. I often get asked about video tutorials, and should you prefer them, there are hundreds to be found via Google or YouTube. Personally, I don't provide video tutorials for a few reasons:

  1. not everyone learns the same way; videos work for some, photo tutorials work for some and in person demos work for others. It's good to have a variety of ways of sharing the same information, and with the plethora of videos out there, I think it helps to have downloadable photo tutorials for those that prefer them.

  2. as someone with a slow and unreliable internet connection, I appreciate being able to download a relatively small file and save it on my computer for when I need it. Trying to deal with a video on a slow connection is painful at best, and I've long since given up on trying to work with them. PDFs are slow internet friendly - they don't require a connection at all once you've saved them to your hard-drive!

  3. videos can't be printed, and just like they don't work for folks with no or slow internet, they don't work for folks on the move or those who like to print off the instructions and tuck them in their knitting bag.

All of this doesn't mean I think videos are bad, far from it, and you should use whatever works for you. I simply thought that as it's been asked, I'd explain why I publish mine in PDF format. The tutorial PDFs are still all covered by copyright, just as the free and for-free patterns are, so they can't be shared or hosted elsewhere (which I've recently caught one site doing - v.naughty) yet they can be downloaded and used whenever you need.


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