Each time I see this cover, it makes me happy!

I've rambled on more than once about how Bambeanies seems to be galloping along at it's own pace, making me feel at times as I haven't got to grips with it or that it's out of control or that I don't really know it, if that makes sense. I've been beavering away yet it hasn't felt cohesive. Now though, now that we've got a winning photo for every Hat in the book and now that I've got the cover shot, everything is falling into place very nicely. It's now much easier to visualise the project as a whole and to see how each part of it works both by itself and as part of the collection. It's funny how a cover can make so much difference, huh?

The gorgeous little girl seen here with Aran is one of his good buddies, and they can play and play for hours together. They tend to make each other very excitable, and I was a little concerned that a pair of 3 year olds that are unable to stand still for more than 30 nano seconds would make a photo shoot impossible. Yet the dynamic between them is amazing, and with the help of her mother, they were both very cooperative. Aran on his own wouldn't have been, he's too used to the camera. But together it was a whole other story.

I love this photo of the pair of them. It hasn't made the cut for the book as the sunglasses don't work, yet it's worthy of sharing. So sweet!

Very soon, the the digital version (PDF) of Bambeanies will be available for pre-order! Anyone purchasing early will be able to download the single patterns as they are released, and a new single pattern will be released weekly until the complete collection is ready. Update notices will be sent to each and every customer, containing fresh download links. Once the collection is complete and the PDF on general release, a final notification will be sent.

As a bonus, folks who buy the digital version, whether on pre-order or not, will receive a coupon code that will give them a discount on the print version. This is something I've had lots of enquiries about with the previous books but it simply wasn't possible to bundle both versions together. Now though, folks who would like to own both the print and digital will be able to do so without buying both at full price. I will explain more about this in the next week or so, but though I'd mention it today as it's something I'm rather excited about.

Meanwhile, I've a book to finish. More photos to follow very soon!

AuthorWoolly Wormhead