There's a Woolly Wormhead design in the latest issue of The Knitter magazine!

The Hat is named Pavone, which is the Italian word for peacock. I have a great German stitch dictionary, Omas Strickgeheimnisse, which has a few little droplet stitch patterns, and those were the inspiration for this design. I wasn't quite happy with how each one looked as a fabric when I swatched, so I played around with the number of stitches and made a few changes to how the droplets were both knitted and finished. The result is these miniature peacock eyes, hence the name.

In my last post, talking about the inspiration behind the Geko Beanie, I mentioned how I wasn't too keen on gathered crowns like the one on the original fisherman's Hat. Here though, there is a slight gather, or it appears so, which may seem a bit of a U-turn after my previous statement! But it isn't really - there is shaping to the crown of this Hat that takes away the fullness and bulk of a gathered crown, leaving a gentler more feminine finish, a kinda gathered effect. If I had simply gathered it, not only would the pattern instructions be much shorter but the Hat itself would be bulkier, and many of the droplets would be lost.

I think I must have been in super perfectionist mode when I knit this sample, as I lost count of how many times I ripped it out, trying to perfect it. In the end I was happy, and there were lots and lots of pattern tweaks.. not only to improve the design but also to simplify it. It was the first time The Knitter had had a design from me, and I guess I wanted to make a good impression.

The yarn was a new one to me, and I enjoyed working with Old Maiden Aunt. The Alpaca/Silk has lovely drape, and isn't as unsuitable for summer knitting as some folks may think. When liasing with The Knitter (with the lovely Jen before she left and went solo) we decided on something lacey as it was a summer issue, and from there I had free reign on how the design developed. Although the overall design isn't as open as some lace Hats I've designed, it is still airy with all those multiple eyelets.

Although this is the first time I've had a design published with The Knitter, I don't doubt I'll work with them again. Their terms are designer friendly, and the rights revert back after 6 months from the publication date (after which it will be available for sale from here directly). They've also been super helpful and friendly, and very encouraging to work with.

Enjoy Pavone!

ETA/ this pattern won't be available to purchase directly from me until the rights revert back in 6 mths time, on November 16th. I'm afraid until that time I cannot sell you the pattern. However, The Knitter is available to buy as a digital magazine, and you can purchase the issue containing the Pavone pattern directly from Zinio.

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